Graduation Day


Graduation is Profound.

It’s a beginning and an end. A transformation and a discovery of what you already knew and who you always were. It is a hope for the future that leaves all regret behind. It’s a coming together and a goodbye. A culmination and just another step forward in our journeys.

Graduate school was a mountain I climbed everyday for 2 years – longer if we count from the absolute beginning of when I was deciding if I wanted to return to school and where and for what in 2007. And now, at long last, I am at its apex.

I had (and still have) a wonderful team and support system behind me – family, friends, teachers, my cohort. There were times when I faltered (actually, many), and there’s no way I could have persevered without them.

Through all the well wishes and greeting cards and words of wisdom on Facebook and in person and the commencement speech by Stephen Colbert, the speeches by my colleagues and by our faculty and guests… the parties, the after-parties and the after-afterparties, I came to see one thing: This is the caliber of moment of which a great life is made.

If nothing good comes easy, then graduate school is certainly great.


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