Go See: Washington DC in March/April

You have an idea of where you want to vacation, but you don’t really know when you should? Go See will pair times with places and other ideas for unique visits.

Hope springs eternal. See the cherry blossoms in full splendor for about two weeks during late March to early April.

The trees beautifully highlight monuments to our nation’s great patriots that surround Washington DC’s Tidal Basin. The Washington Memorial, dedicated to our first president, looms above. Find the smaller Japanese statues scattered off the path among the trees. Lay down in the grass. It’s amazing to experience this kind of peace in the middle of our nation’s capital. Snag a few hours here during a weekday for maximum leisure and to make picture taking easier!


5 thoughts on “Go See: Washington DC in March/April

    • Thank you! I’d been to DC so many times over the years and this past spring was the first time I’d seen the cherry blossoms. Unbelievably pretty.

    • Ah, Malou! As it is a dream of mine to return to lovely Netherlands someday during tulip time. I have a Go See post cooking up about biking through Amsterdam. Just yesterday I was telling someone about stroopwafel. How could you go through Holland and not have one of these amazing creations? 🙂

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