Is it smart to travel with your smartphone?

6 thoughts on “Is it smart to travel with your smartphone?”

  1. hey S-lo, bicing in Barcelona is not bike rental, its actually bike share scheme like zipcar but for bikes, and its just for the locals 🙂

    1. Oh, Rigs… Thanks for keeping me on my toes! Yes, of course you are right. According to its wiki page (its website doesn’t display in English), bicing Barcelona requires a year subscription, which would only appeal to locals, of course. I’ll append a correction shortly.

      Do you use it, Steve? What’s your take?

  2. Great advice here! I love the advice of downloading PDF maps. My husband and I spent more time in various McDonalds around Europe on our honeymoon than anywhere else because we were always trying to get the free wifi connection to use google maps.
    I also like the reminder about roaming charges and prorated international plan.
    Thanks for some good info!

    1. LOL! I had this inner debate about mentioning Ronald & Co. and their free wi-fi. Ditto with Starbucks in the US. Of course this has to do with my feelings towards their companies as a whole and their practices. I thought, “If I mention either of these two companies, folks might be tempted to patronize these businesses, rather than a mom-and-pop shop. I will contributing to bio-hegemony and local-washing! Bah!” But after lot of fist-shaking and harumphing, free wi-fi is still free wi-fi 🙂 Glad you found the post useful!

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