Would you sail on the Titanic Memorial Cruise?

7 thoughts on “Would you sail on the Titanic Memorial Cruise?”

    1. That’s how it struck me initially, too. One of Mary’s friends asked if the boat sinking was included in the price. Wop wop. Not being able to swim, the thought gives me the creeps. However, it is a fascinating story. And certainly if I had some sort of familial and direct attachment to the Titanic, I can empathize with the need for closure, for more information, for honoring those long past. It’s wonderful that the cruise might be able to help people with this.

      I didn’t make this connection earlier, but even James Cameron & Co. are trying to cash in with the re-release of his movie Titanic in 3D in April. That might be as close as I’d like to get to the action.

      1. yes, those are very good points. By the way, it’s such an intriguing idiosyncracy that you dont swim. Do you have any desire to learn? I think you should blog about this..I’m such a fearful person, but I’m trying to overcome it.. Posting a piece now on kicking my fear of snorkeling in the ass. And going on my fifth trip in the Florida keys this afternoon.

        1. I know! I can trace my not learning to one specific incident in summer day camp, when this kid dove off the high board and didn’t come back up. They called 911, and we evacuated the pool, and the medics arrived with sirens blaring. I don’t remember if the kid was alright but I stopped taking lessons after that.

          I would love to swim. A friend of mine just offered to teach me. Actually this past summer was the first time EVER that I put my face in the water without holding my nose! LOL I’d love to blog about it, that’s a great idea. I think I was afraid at first, too. But think of all the things in life you would miss out on if you let your fear always hold you back! Will look out for your new post on snorkeling 🙂

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