The Morning After. Barcelona Part 3.

9 thoughts on “The Morning After. Barcelona Part 3.”

  1. Nice post, Sarahlynn! You reminded me of an extreme hangover I got drinking cava on empty stomach when I was in Tarragona, a nice city south of Barcelona. On a warm afternoon, the cava was just so perfect that I forgot it has alcohol content. I told myself, “Never again” on the cava 😉

    1. Time to be a butterfly!

      Thanks, Emily. I agree. Museums are a nice cold weather activity. And certainly there are some museums and art that are worth being a bit anti-social for. Like Warhol’s Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh. But, wait till my post tomorrow. That will feature a museum like NO OTHER!

      1. Can’t wait! You are a blogger extraordinaire, enviably prolific and substantive! I usually find those categories mutually exclusive
        I’ll have to check out Warhol’ss mattress factory next time I’m in Pittsburgh.
        Headed to Savannah Georgia next to break up epic drive from keys

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