Why I Love Baseball. Oh, Let Me Count the Ways.

14 thoughts on “Why I Love Baseball. Oh, Let Me Count the Ways.”

  1. Beautifully done!

    I love the game. I can find myself at home in any city if the ball park is open.

    Wrigley is a church. I’ve been lucky enough to get there four times on trips to Chicago, hoping to get back there this summer.

    1. Thank you! I’ve enjoyed your writing, too.

      What you wrote there about being “at home” is spot on. For me getting to know a city is like getting to know a person, and baseball is one way to do that. Reminds me of when we were kids and if you met a new kid, you got to know him/her first by playing together: baseball, Scrabble, tag, rollerskating, whatever. Once you find out if s/he plays fair, is a good sport, is fun to be with, then you get on to the business of being friends.

      Hope you do get the chance to return this summer!

  2. Thanks for visiting and I’m glad to hear you’ll continue to read.

    I can be liberal with my creative spelling and overall use of language, especially when it comes to the vernacular. But I’m looking to always improve my writing. If you wouldn’t mind sharing one or two examples of my writing that you found troublesome, I would be grateful. Thanks again!

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