Coping with a Fear of Flying: A True Story

6 thoughts on “Coping with a Fear of Flying: A True Story”

  1. Hi Sarah! You asked for honest feedback so here it goes. I enjoyed reading it! I thought it was a nice story. I loved how you described her hand as a baby bird and then tied the reference into this visual: “Had her hand fallen from the nest of mine, there was a decent chance she’d die of a panic attack.” That’s my favorite line! The only parts that I didn’t like were when you used slang such as bogus and mack-on. (I know bogus isn’t a slang word but it was used as slang here.) I felt that it made the piece choppy and broke my concentration when reading. You also said you respected the woman (you wrote bravo) and pitied her in the same sentence. I wasn’t sure why you said you pitied her when she was able to get on the plane and could fly. She isn’t debilitated by her fear. She said she flew multiple times in a single week. I was kind of envious of her for being able to get on the plane in the first place (I need a vacation).

    1. Hey Sara! Thanks for reading & your thoughtful comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It’s funny how real life writes better than any fiction!

      Let me address your thoughts.

      My intention behind the slang is the reader hears my voice, that it unmistakably sounds like me. And, when I talk, I use slang. I can see how that language would leave people “outside” or how it would jar some readers. I’ll have to think more about how to negotiate these ideas. Your point is a great one.

      The word pity does give an impression that the speaker is looking down on the pitied, more a negative connotation. Empathy or compassion would be better words to describe my feeling.

      You’re a great reader, I’m glad you’re in my corner! I hope you get that vacation – or even staycation – soon!

      – Sarah

  2. I loved reading this act of compassion on an airplane. Kudos to YOU, and to your wonderful posting about it. Thank you also for linking my blog post called Fear of (Not) Flying. Fun that you found me. I’m like the sweet woman who flies out of love. I hate it, but I won’t let it stop me.

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