Getting there is Half the Fun, Especially when Riding in a Mercedes Ess-You-Vee.

4 thoughts on “Getting there is Half the Fun, Especially when Riding in a Mercedes Ess-You-Vee.”

  1. I loved it Sarah! I loved the very last line especially. I’ve never been in a Mercedes of any kind. But as a type A, plan-a-holic, don’t beat yourself up too badly. You actually would miss a lot of good deals and, especially when other people are involved, it’s always better to be organized. But if you can strike a balance and move freely between the type A world and type B world and accept some disarray I think that’s the best of both worlds. The only thing I would ask about is the quote, “Fuck you. No you did not,” I said. I can’t imagine you “said” that. I would think you squealed it, screamed it, etc… but you didn’t say it matter of fact and that’s how I read it. I loved everything else. You are a great writer. Too bad you can’t add photos to the blog.

    1. Yeah, you know me, Sara – I was definitely emphatically exclaiming with sarcasm to spare!! I’ll add some road trip photos now to the post. I was waiting ’till I had a better internet connection! Thanks again for reading 🙂

  2. The drive from LA to SF alone is magnificent. You mentioned Monterey but didn’t follow up here. I just figured, with that last line “The best laid out plan of mice and men”, the Cannery Row right outside Monterey Bay Aquarium has a statue of John Steinbeck, author of “Of Mice and Men”.
    Anywho, military personnel all love the discounts in California….theme parks, zoos, to over 100 National Parks, even museums, etc….most esp. in San Diego. They also get a lot of 10% to restaurants and fast food chain. California is great for them to cash-out their benefits of being in the military.

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