When Was the Last Time You Tried Something for the First Time?

14 thoughts on “When Was the Last Time You Tried Something for the First Time?”

  1. I had Laotian food for the first time last Saturday! Some future goals – riding a Vespa, or any scooter, hunting down an uni shooter (I didn’t meant to rhyme just then), and upping my raw oyster count from a measly 18.

  2. i used to be pro-oyster…until…well, it’s to painful to remember. i haven’t fully recovered to say the least;P

  3. Sorry to disappoint you but this food can be the carrier of hepatitis and Vibrio. That is why they eat it with a lot of garlic and vinegar or mustard. Depuration system may not be functioning very well.

    1. Of course you would know this! I’d still eat it from a reputable place. We even asked about eating the blowfish, but apparently that is only in season from November/December through March. And each batch has to be approved by the FDA and only can be served by licensed chefs and restaurants.

  4. Are you a huge Hootie and ‘Fugu’ Fan? ;D.
    I’m almost convinced about mollusks, not completely though. Aren’t they aphrodisiacs?

    1. LOL!

      Just try an oyster. Just once. Then you can say you tried it and decide if it isn’t really your thing. (I should really like campaign for like the Oyster Farmers Association of America, if such a thing exists!)

      Aphrodisiacs? I don’t know! I’ll have to research…

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