The Ex-Box: Hear it Live 7 PM Tonight, Simone’s in Chicago

I don’t like to play games. I don’t even like to play video games. But this past April, I got an X-Box. Oh, wait, not an X-Box, but an EX-BOX [.mp3].

I recorded this story with my gal-pal Jenny and Shantell of 89.5FM a few months ago. And, if you liked this story, you can hear me tell it live – as in IRL (in real life!) – tonight, June 28, at Simone’s, 960 W. 18th Street, Chicago. I love Simone’s because it’s like a giant pinball machine. Many of the building materials are reclaimed from pinball machines and bowling alleys. They also have a great selection of craft beers and food, a patio. My kinda place.

UPDATE: Listen to the entire Vocalo Music and Stories event on SoundCloud (duration 2:21). Luis Antonio Perez emceed and Jesse de la Peña graced us with his DJ techniques. Joining me (I start at minute 11) were fellow storytellers Taneesha Peebles, Rob Ruiz, Lily Be, Tim Barnes, Monte LaMonte, Shannon Cason, Alicia Sowisdral, Halina Jablonska and even my friend Kevis Anderson dropped us a poem during the open mic at the end. A great night… 89.5 FM hosts a monthly storytelling party with a few featured storytellers, open mic and tunes spun.


3 thoughts on “The Ex-Box: Hear it Live 7 PM Tonight, Simone’s in Chicago

  1. Its an outstanding story and though I’ve enjoyed your take on it, I’m curious about his thinking as he prepared and sent off the Ex-Box

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