Buyers Beware: Unreliable Third-Party Airfare Resellers on

9 thoughts on “Buyers Beware: Unreliable Third-Party Airfare Resellers on”

  1. Wow, what a frustrating experience! But this definitely isn’t the first time I’ve heard bad stuff about one of those third-party sites listed on Kayak. Some friends of mine once bought tickets from them and got to the airport…then got turned away because they didn’t actually have a reservation!

    I’m glad your situation got sorted out.

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for reading… Yikes! Sorry for your friends’ experience – major bummer! It’s really a shame Kayak hasn’t given us a resource to omit the third-party sites. Hopefully it’ll come soon!

  2. That’s interesting. Chelsea had a great experience with cheap-o-air. She had a unique flying situation in which she was flying to bu-fu Kansas from Chicago and then from Kansas to Vegas. Even I was having trouble finding a good deal and I’m good! We clicked on cheap-o-air and got her a fantastic deal. She had no issues. Maybe domestic flights work better than international?? But also probably good advice to go with reputable businesses 🙂

    1. Hi Samantha! Multi-city options can definitely be tricky, and not every airline website or third-party reseller website has that option, unfortunately. I’m glad Chelsea had a good experience! She was one of the lucky ones! The reviews were either ecstatic (a few of these) or worst-story-ever. Maybe domestic is better?! Keep me updated if you use it again 🙂 Thanks, as always, for reading & for the comment! Glad we got at least ONE success story!

  3. Great advice. Perfect timing, too, as I’m about to purchase airline tickets and I use Kayak to search for flights.

    1. Forgot to mention – since you’re searching right now, Anna – a few things can help you get a better deal (you maybe know these already, but I think it bears repeating):

      1. Use flexible date searches. Mid-week fares tend to be less expensive.
      2. Search multiple airports. If you happen to live in a metro area where there are a few major and/or minor airports around, you can type up to four airport codes into for each field. For example, I might type “ORD, MDW, MKE” for my origin airport and “AMS, BRU, PAR” for potential ending locations.
      3. Check early in the week. Even though sales happen all the time and inventories and prices change constantly, Monday and Tuesday seem to the days when more flights are added to the websites. Good thing you’re on it now!
      4. Use search for flights to get an idea of the price range, if you don’t already know. In the search bar, for example, type “ORD to PAR” and then search. On the left there should be an option hidden for “Flights.”
      5. Follow airlines and third-party travel resellers on Twitter, and Facebook and subscribe to their e-newsletters.

      Good luck!

  4. Actually, CheapOAir has saved me quite a bit of money in the past. We at Travelgrove also have them integrated and never received any complaints. I guess things do go wrong, and there are many scams out there, but CheapOAir is actually one of the largest US OTAs by now and not some shady business.
    Cheers, btw Travelgrove searches some smaller sites as well, especially for Intl. fares, we usually beat Kayak by quite a margin.


    1. Hi, Peter! Another success story, glad to hear it, but of course, my story turned out differently! I’ve never heard of Travelgrove, I’ll take a look. Thanks for reading and commenting, Peter!

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