What is Your Favorite Filipino Street Food?

20 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Filipino Street Food?”

  1. Great piece Sarahlynn! Great writing as usual! And Wow, Congrats on getting your writing in such a cool book! I’d love to read it when it comes out!
    Thank god for street food! We love socca in Nice, France where we are right now.
    We took a long hiatus from the blog (my teaching jobs got hectic and was focusing on poetry)but now we’re back with avengance with great videos my husband’s producing. Trying to keep it regular but it’s challenging when you’re not on the road, and not on vacation! You, however, manage amazingly well at staying interesting and on topic even while not traveling! Any tips?
    Enjoying your writing as always!
    Best, Emily

    1. Emily! Great to hear from you, thank you! Can’t wait to see your videos, poetry or other stuff you’re working on!

      That is really kind of you to say. Hm, tips on staying interesting and on topic? I was going to blog about this, actually. I think it’s important to be patient with yourself, especially when traveling. Everything takes a lot more time and energy than you think when abroad and it’s even harder to write and process where you are in a way to write about it intelligently or purposefully. So don’t expect a super-high level of production, especially at first. Secondly, take the time to collect all your thoughts, even if it’s just a quick jot in a small notebook in your purse. Not all of the ideas might prove useful (as in published somewhere), but you never know what interesting ways you can combine them in. Hope that’s helpful, Emily!

  2. I don\’t recall siomai and suman as street food but there are a number of other street food that I truly miss: steamed corn, quek-quek (Balut that\’s battered with some kind of orange batter and then deep fried), grren mangoes or jicama skewered and topped with bagoong and of course mamang sorbetero (aka dirty ice cream). You also have the seasonal street vendors who setup shop near the church during the holidays and they sell freshly made bibingka and puto bumbong. Always made me look forward to simbang gabi! Goodluck!

    1. How could I forget the steamed corn, et al.? I’ll add them, thanks, Kris! There should be a whole section on holiday foods, indeed! Makes that staying up late at night so delicious! xoxo

    1. Thank you for visiting! Which were/are your favorites? So far I think my favorite is dirty ice cream! I still haven’t found a good substitute pandesal shack for the one I grew up with my summers in UP… But I’ll keep looking 🙂

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