Foodie Frauded: Nationally Touring Crab and Craft Beer Festival Scammed Us Out of $400

5 thoughts on “Foodie Frauded: Nationally Touring Crab and Craft Beer Festival Scammed Us Out of $400”

  1. My boyfriend and I got the notice of a festival called Crab at beer 30 here in Memphis. First off, I thought the name was weird, but the lure of all you can eat crab and all you can drink craft beers sounded way too good. We bought 2 for one VIP passes for $99. Then I noticed that groupon had a link to the festival’s website, so just being curious, I clicked and found a month’s discrepancy in the dates…. Went to the facebook page and asked the festival people and got one answer then went to groupon and got another answer all within an hour of each other. Then I called the fairgrounds where they were supposed to be having it and they thought I was nuts! I told groupon they needed to research it and two days later without me even asking, Groupon refunded our money.

  2. I bought the VIP ticket also and I went to the link for the festival’s facebook page and started reading all the post’s of people saying it was a scam. I then went to the festival’s Web page and noticed date discrepancies like how could the festival take place in 2 different cities on the same day. I then called the venue in Memphis and they had no clue about a beer and crab festival, so I then called Groupon and within minutes got a refund.

    1. Hi Valerie! Thanks for reading and for adding your story! Are you in Memphis or the other city you mentioned? At least Groupon was great about getting you a refund! Thank goodness for Facebook, right?

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