What Lea Salonga Thinks of Don’t Buy Miss Saigon

8 thoughts on “What Lea Salonga Thinks of Don’t Buy Miss Saigon”

  1. Ms. Lea Salonga is no doubt an embodiment of eloquence and substance… she made quite a good point with her stand. If we are to block these kinds of show, how else will we know parts of our history that need not be repeated again in the future…If I am not mistaken, we may compare the situation to Germany and Japan where history was ‘rewritten’ and taught in their school…I remember once having a heated argument with a Japanese exchange student in UP back in college who sees the Japanese, not an invasion, but a “liberation”…imagine if we are to stop opening doors to debates and discussions on the “dark side of our history”?

    1. NO. Just because Lea got paid to act in it and she is not a Vietnamese, she could not outright admit that this production is racist. If this play is any good, they should have some redeeming qualities, tell me what? Love between an underage prostitute with the colonizer?Vietnamese men are so bad that she did not pick them and picked a white man (an invader) instead? White women are still better so the GI left the Vietnamese girl? Committing suicide is Vietnamese way of life (hey a lot of Japanese committed suicide but Vietnamese are not Japanese and most suicide are stress or work related). And prostitutes are like what, 1% of the population, and that’s how millions of Vietnamese people are right? Ridiculous.

      Mr. Juan Knows. NOBODY wrote in the textbooks that Vietnamese men were war soldiers who raped American women or get prostitutes from America. It is the other way round. And most Asians understand this, but American think that they are angles who commit no crimes and are “saving” us blah blah blah. Relearn history or google it.

      Oh, I will make it simpler for you. Imagine some foreign solders (from China, Nigeria, etc.) who invade your country then buy young prostitutes from your country, how would that feel? Dark sides of history are written in various textbooks, and haven’t heard of one that romanticize colonization. I mean, is this even a real dark side? They wrote a story about a woman who spread her legs for the enemy (mind you, she was a prostitute so it was her job) who killed her countrymen, her father, her brother etc. Disgusting.

      Read more https://blog.davidmura.com/2013/09/11/the-problem-with-miss-saigon-or-how-many-stereotypes-can-you-cram-into-one-broadway-musical/

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