Puppet Bike, Chicago’s one and only!

“What’s Puppet Bike?” asked Flat Stanlina.

It’s a one of kind in Chicago. Puppet Bike is a miniature puppet stage built on a bicycle. Because it’s built on a bicycle, the puppeteer (the person inside the stage) can perform just about anywhere the bicycle can go. I’ve seen the Puppet Bike perform in different places around Chicago in all kinds of weather, and I’ve always stopped to watch, even for a little while. Puppet Bike always brings a smile to my face. Flat Stanlina agreed.

We saw a kitten, an elephant and a Santa Claus puppet performing together. The stage had colorful, flashing lights, and even a mirrored disco ball. The outside of the stage is painted too. The puppets were singing and dancing to fun music from the 1920s.

Many adults and children stopped to watch, smile, dance, and take pictures and videos. (We were, too!) We forgot all about the cold for a little while to enjoy the show!

Puppet Bike delighting Chicago's young and old

We gave some money to the Puppet Bike’s donation box. We hope that Puppet Bike can continue bringing smiles to more people in the future.

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