Don’t be Scared to Eat Street Food

9 thoughts on “Don’t be Scared to Eat Street Food”

  1. yay, street food ! I have noticed recently that folks are now cooking on the trucks in chicago — do you know when all that changed ? i mean, it is definitely a welcome change, but i don’t really remember hearing or seeing anything about this in the local media.

    1. By this Monica Eng article when she was at the Tribune, “First Chicago food truck gets onboard cooking license,” seems like the law changed in June 2012, and the new permits were issued 6 months later in January 2013.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Jenny!

    1. Thank you! I can think of three blood sausages off the top of my head — boudin noir (France), morcilla (Spain), black pudding (Ireland)…!! What is the Korean version called and when do you eat it? Thanks so much for stopping by!

      1. Soon Dae (“Deh”) It’s really yum w/ the diced veggies. The black pudding sounds intriguingly wonderful. I don’t know Korean tradition (though I was born in Korea) so I’m not sure there’s a special occasion. As far as I know, folks are game anytime. =)

        1. I’ve had the black pudding as part of a full Irish breakfast, which will fill you up with the white and black pudding, sausages, eggs, toast, tomatoes, potatoes. You might need a nap! So delicious! I’ll look out for the Soon Dae, there are many Korean restaurants here in Chicago! 🙂

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