Lake Michigan and Labor Day Weekend

4 thoughts on “Lake Michigan and Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Nice read as always. I’ve always appreciated the fact that throughout my life I never really lived more than about a mile from the lakeshore. I recall as a young adult learning that Chicago was much more of beach town than say, San Francisco. Chicago to me is undoubtably the most amazing city of the Industrial Age. For over a hundred years a city for the public. Now with such privitization underway the city has certainly taken a turn away from the people. It remains to be seen what the age of information will bring us. So far all I see is big brother. Nonetheless I was very happy to see Chicago revitalize the lakefront with a Burnham plan that was almost 100 years old that seemed to be a ghost of the past. Almost a homage to Chicago’s prior century of greatness.

    1. Well said, friend. Thank you for the read and the comment. Indeed in the past I believe Chicago was much marketed as a beach town with all the cultural benefits of a big city. While I love Logan Square, I very much miss my Lake being right there out the window, outside my door whenever I need (turns out to be often).

      I hope the people in charge and the rest of us keep the best (or demand for) of our Industrial Age heritage and yet innovate for our times today.

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