When You’re Tired of Speaking French, Go to Jim’s

7 thoughts on “When You’re Tired of Speaking French, Go to Jim’s”

  1. Great piece Sarahlynn! This is so funny about your frustration with trying to keep up with French!
    I felt the same way in Nice. My French is actually worse after having visited since I lost so much confidence about pronouncing things with just the right sound and attitude to be understood.
    I love your description and slideshow of Jim Hayne’s Salon. It’s very inspiring! I also have a Sunday salon, on a much smaller scale, but we read philosophy and essays and the like. If you’re ever in NYC…

    1. Thanks, Emily! Glad you can sympathize, I think a lot of former high school French students could too 🙂

      Would love to come and discuss philosophy, poetry, religion & politics with you in NYC (en anglais, bien sur)… whenever I find myself in that pulsating beast of a town next.

    1. Thanks, dckatya! Many havens I was happy to have found. I really liked the salon idea and if/when I settle someplace for a longer time, I’d love to do the same. Hope all’s well with you and your writing, too! Hugs!

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