Roots of the Singkil, a traditional Filipino Muslim dance

11 thoughts on “Roots of the Singkil, a traditional Filipino Muslim dance”

  1. Is it ok if this type of “cultural dance” is performed in a Christian wedding ceremony, as part of the reception entertainment???

    1. Hi Jose! Thank you for reading and your question. Someone recently asked me if the dance was really Muslim in origin, and I am researching this matter again. I will let you know what I find.

      I’m not sure if your question has to do with the dance’s religious origins not being the same as the couple getting married, but aside from that matter, I think weddings should be very personal to the couple. I feel like as long as guests know the sincerity behind the choices in food, music, entertainment or other cultural products, it will be respectful, sincere and enjoyable for all. For example, the wedding program can explain if the couple spent a memorable vacation in Mindanao, or if part of their family origins trace from there. I think it is also important to choose performing artists that can honor the art form well. Again, the choice is yours and I would encourage you to ask scholars in the dance. Meanwhile I will certainly report back my findings. 🙂 Congratulations!

      1. Without doing any research or without personal connection to the Mindanao region that I am aware of, I just thought the dance is a part of the Philippines culture as a diverse whole. Hence our idea to include it in as part of the wedding reception entertainment (not in the Christian ceremony). But after reading your blog, I am curious to know if it is appropriate. Thank you for your work. I am sure others will benefit.

  2. Singkil proves that the Philippines is just a copycat country. Singkil has obvious Indian, Indonesian and Malaysian origins and the Philippines is appropriating a dance that is obviously foreign.

    1. stupid and arrogant comment. Philippines was influenced by various cultures from different countries, Indonesia and Malaysia are just a few of those countries before spanish colonialization. This doesnt make the Philippines copycat. Geeezzz it seems you dont know Philippine history but you commented as if you know the country… stupid fool…

    2. Copycat? Filipino Muslims have never been conquered!! copy that! Pacquiao has went through 8 weight classes and 5 lineal titles in different weight classes! copy that !!

    3. The Moros have never been conquered copy that!!! Pacquiao has went through 8 weight classes with 5 lineal titles copy that!!!

  3. There’s a video going viral now that I’m pretty sure is of Malaysian people doing the Singkil dance. Everyone was saying it was from so many countries. Top 2 were Malaysia and Philippines. Do you know how Filipinos were introduced to this dance by Malaysia and/or India?

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