How to Make Lugaw, a Filipino Rice Porridge

40 thoughts on “How to Make Lugaw, a Filipino Rice Porridge”

  1. I never heard of this dish but this absolutely sounds wonderful. I’m also happy you didn’t include a photo because I would’ve drooled too much lol. Thanks for sharing this recipe

    1. Jeanette, thanks for stopping by! Wow, I’d be so thrilled to know you used my recipe in the Ivory Coast! Let me know how it turns out, and how your kids like it. Actually, I’d just made this same dish a few days ago for my wonderful host who had fallen ill with some strange stomach issue in Beijing, using a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup! Turned out decent, surprisingly!

      1. I’ll definitely keep you posted on how it works out here. This recipe came at the right time because there’s been a little bug going around here and it sounds sooooo comforting!

  2. I like lugaw that’s my favorite Filipino food,I’m from Spain,I love Filipino food,especially Kare-Kare uuhmmm yummy!

  3. How on earth, not speaking Mandarin and not knowing where the supermarket was, did tou find all those ingredients for the lugaw you claim to have made for your sick friend ??? Journalistic lisense I guess, or was it all B.S ?

    1. Hahahaha! Oh no, Fred – quite the contrary! Read a little farther down… I found the ingredients in the cupboard/refrigerator: a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, spices (ginger, onion, garlic, pepper, touch of salt) and concentrated calamansi juice.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve had a nasty cold and cough for three solid weeks, and my body craved this dish. However, we lost our mother last year to cancer, and she is no longer “a phone call away” to walk me through her recipes. I reached out to my siblings and we each took our best guess as to the ingredients from years of watching our mother prepare the dish on cold winter nights as we grew up. I love the simplicity of your recipe – and it is one I found using “cooked rice” just as my mother did. Thank you!

    1. Maria, thank you for this lovely & touching letter. I am so sorry to hear of the recent loss of your mom. Certain dishes, I think, we will always associate with loved ones and family gone ahead of us. (For me, I always think of my dad when I grill up a steak!) It’s impossible to remember everything about our loved ones gone, but food is a special tradition and comfort you can keep whenever you want to feel close. I am so pleased and honored to have helped you remember her. I hope you feel better soon, and all my best for the new year.

  5. Thank you for sharing this recipe Sarah Lynn. I was able to make it for the first time tonight. My uncle has a severe gout attack. His special request was lugaw. God bless you more for sharing recipes & stories. I appreciate you. 😊💐

  6. I have a Filipino friend that got me started eating this as a cancer patient it was very difficult to eat different things my teeth are in really bad shape and it’s hard to choose stuff I also no longer have a stomach do to cancer this has been an amazing meal that I eat quite often

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